Using pbuilder to backport Debian packages

Jason Boxman

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Detailed discussion of pbuilder as a tool for backporting Debian packages from Unstable/Sid to the current Debian GNU/Linux Stable release. Building the initial environment, care and feeding of pbuilder, apt sources, building, and debugging are covered.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Intended Audience
1.2. Copyright and License
1.3. Disclaimer
1.4. Feedback
1.5. New Versions of this Document
1.6. Conventions Used in this Document
1.7. Amusing Trivia
2. Why Backport?
2.1. What's a Backport?
2.2. Why Backport to Stable?
2.3. Pitfalls of Backporting
2.4. Why pbuilder?
3. Obtaining Your pbuilder Build Environment
3.1. Obtaining pbuilder
3.2. Modifying your pbuilder Configuration
3.3. Bootstrapping your pbuilder Image
3.4. Feeding your build Environment
4. The pbuilder Backport Process
4.1. Process Overview
4.2. Preparing to Backport
4.3. Dependency Resolution
5. Advanced Usage Examples
5.1. Building with distcc
5.2. Building with ccache
5.3. Connect to X apps via VNC
5.4. A Side Trip for sudo