Import Notes

What are Extended Attributes (EA) on a file or directory?


What ACLs are on a file or directory?

ls -le chmod -RN

Disconnect USB drive outside of UI

sudo diskutil eject /dev/disk3

Delete Timemachine protected files

/System/Library/Extensions/TMSafetyNet.kext/Contents/Helpers/bypass <rm …>

Remove some local snapshots to free up space (10.14.4)

tmutil thinlocalsnapshots / 21474836480 4

Missing Finder shortcuts

ps -ef | grep sharedfilelistd sudo kill -9 option-right-click Finder and select Relaunch

High CPU load

CPU load: launchctl stop && launchctl start

Cannot umount volume

sudo lsof | grep /Volumes/ADATA sudo killall mds mdutil -i off /Volumes/VolumeName

NTP timekeeping

sudo ntpdate -u

Spotlight enable/disable

Completely disable and reenable:

sudo mdutil -i off / sudo mdutil -E / sudo mdutil -i on /


sudo mdutil -sv /

dyld library load error

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/jpeg/lib/libjpeg.9.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/exiftran Reason: image not found fish: ‘exiftran’ terminated by signal SIGTRAP (Trace or breakpoint trap)


  • brew reinstall –build-from-source

Firewall (PF)

If the firewall is enabled, it is not possible to allow/deny by IP range. The links below describe how to setup rules using PF:


WiFi bizarre, intermittent latency issues

Disable WiFi. open /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ Delete these files, then restart: NetworkInterfaces.plist preferences.plist

Confirm with

sudo ping -i 0.1

Safely unmount a USB drive

udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdb

Ensure WiFi works with new akmods approach (Fedora 25+)

sudo dnf install -y sudo dnf install -y broadcom-wl kernel-devel sudo akmods –force –kernel uname -r –akmod wl sudo modprobe -a wl

Written on December 30, 2019