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So I’ve spent nearly 20 years trying to tackle photo management in one way or another. The approach I describe here takes into consideration what I’ve found works well for me.


  • Flexible organization
  • Immutable image data
  • Version controlled metadata, stored separately
  • Replication of data across multiple storage devices


Conceptually, the process is as follows:

  1. Copy image files into photos-incoming/<YYYMMDD> directory
  2. Cull image files
  3. Rotate image data based on EXIF Orientation tag (JPEG only)
  4. Apply copyright and related metadata to image files
  5. Ingest image files into photos/ directory
  6. Tag image files as appropriate
  7. Replicate image files and metadata to other storage devices

The following tools are used to complete the workflow:

  • XnViewMP (culling)
  • digiKam (tagging)
  • Git (version control)
  • git-annex (replication)
  • exiftool (copyright, ingest)
  • exiftran (JPEG rotation)

The command line (CLI) programs are invoked by a management program I wrote in JavaScript using NodeJS, although all git commands are run manually.